Spelling & Vocabulary Words
Lesson 10 Young Thomas Edison

Spelling Words
1. talk               9.also         17.often
2.cross             10.raw        18.strawberry
3.awful             11.salt
4.law                12.wall
5.cloth              13.lawn
6.cost               14.always
7.crawl              15.soft
8.chalk              16.small

Lesson 10 Young Thomas Edison


  1. Genius- extraordinary intellectual power, especially seen in creative ability
  2. Signal- a sound, motion, or other sign that sends a message
  3. Electric- powered by electricity
  4. Laboratory- a place where scientists work and do experiments
  5. Gadget- a small, useful machine or device
  6. Experiment- a test to find out or prove something
  7. Invention- an original device, system, or process
  8. Occasional- happening from time to time