Religion 8B

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April 30
The remaining meditations are due by Friday.

March 20
Lenten Meditations #1 and #2 are due on Google Classroom by Friday.

 January 23
Your Letter to God is due tomorrow.  The Community Service Sheet for Trimester 2 is due by Wednesday, February 27.

 January 3
By tomorrow I need to know what you are doing for your Respect Life Project and what Respect Life issue you will address. This should be written on LL and handed in tomorrow. 

 January 2
Your Respect Life Project must be submitted by January 17.  Please go to the website to review what we discussed in class. To get to the contest rules please Google, Respect Life Contest 2019.  To learn more about Respect Life issues to address in your project, please go to

 December 10
The questions from Oh, God!  are due  on Google Classroom on Wednesday.  Make sure that your answers are complete and check for proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

 October 23
Your leaf about preventing bullying is due tomorrow.  In addition, the Chapter 3 Review in your Confirmation book is due tomorrow.