Religion 8A

               St. Mary, 
Patroness of Our School, 

             Pray for Us

All first trimester Community Service sheets are due by Thursday, 11/15.

Chapel Schedule:

October 4th--Mrs. Gelling:  Service
October 11th--Group 1:  Suicide Awareness--You Are Never Alone 
                                          Reflection Essay due 10/22
October 18th--Group 2:  Acceptance
                                          Reflection Essay due 10/29
November 5th--Group 3:  All Saints Day
                                          Reflection Essay due 11/13
November 8th-Group 4:  Nature
                                          Reflection Essay due 11/16
November 15th-Group 5:  Fake Friends
                                           Reflection Essay due 11/26
Your Chapel Reflection will be due one week after your Chapel Service.
Please follow the format that is written in your Religion notebook.
Should you have any questions or concerns, kindly see me before the reflection is due.

Sept. 12th:
All Gennesaret Retreat Cards must be completed and handed in by the start of 
homeroom tomorrow.  Please check that all words have been spelled correctly
and make sure all of your drawings are neat and complete.