Week of 12/10 Homework
 Monday 12/10
ELA: Use new vocabulary words in sentences

Tuesday 12/11
ELA: Select a vocabulary word and complete the four square
Math: Page 77

Videos to assist with long multiplication:



Wednesday 12/12
ELA: Write a story using at least 9 spelling words (will be collected and graded)
Math: Workbook page 80

Spelling Words
 Challenge Words



Debut- A performer's first public appearance. 

Stubborn-Something or someone that is not easy to change - it can be

positive or negative.

Permission-To allow someone to do something.

Hauling-To pull or carry something.

Mournful-Something that is sad or serious.

Towered-Something that is bigger and taller than something else.

Triumph-A victory of success.

Discouraged-When someone feels hopeless or disappointed.

Toured-Travel around different places in the world.

Border-A boundary or imaginary line.

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