This Week in 1B

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This week we will light our second Advent candle.  The children have been listening to stories from the Old Testament each day. We will also rehearse all week for our pageant on Friday.
The children are enjoying searching for our Shepherd, Chippie, each day.  He has been called by the angels to search for our Savior.

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This week in Journeys, we will begin Unit 2, Lesson 10.  This will be our last chapter in this reader.  Please begin bringing in the new reader by next week. Our story this week is the fantasy, "A Cupcake Party". Our Essential Question this week is "How can you show a friend that you care about him or her?" The Phonics focus this week will be reviewing the short /u/ sound, ending blends with -mp and -th. The comprehension skill this week will be visualization and sequencing events.
 In grammar this week, we will learn what a synonym is.

Spelling test will be Friday, December 14th.


We will continue with chapter 5, measurement.  We will be having a test on Wednesday, December 19th. Your children should know how to order from longest to shortest and shortest to longest, non-standard measurement, and standard measurement.  I will be sending home cubes to borrow for each student.  Please have them return their cubes the next day.


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We will continue to work in our science text-book this week.  We will talk about heat energy this week.
We did an experiment on heat energy last week using candy canes.  This week we will write about what we saw.

Social Studies
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We will talk about three different types of communitites; town, city, and farm.  We will also be working on maps and directions.



*Thanks to google images for the free clip art.