This Week in 1B

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This week we begin to learn how God showed us his love through his son Jesus and the sacraments.  We will learn continue to talk about Baptism and learn about the other 6 sacraments.

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This week we begin Lesson 14,  Our story this week is, "The Big Race". Students will use inferenceing and prediction to help with comprehension during this story.  The essential Question is, "Why is it important to have rules?" 
Our phonics routine this week will be CVCe patterns when sounding our long vowels. We will also learn about soft c, g, and -dge; phonemes -ake and -ace. In grammar, we will be able to tell which verbs discuss the past when written.


We will complete chapter 7.  There will be an assessment on Wednesday. Students should be aware of number operations and the 100 chart. Practice counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's.


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We have already started our unit on the Earth, Sun, Stars, Moon, and Planets.  This unit will take several weeks to complete.  We have been talking about the seasons during the rotation of the Earth. Tomorrow for lab, we will create shadows. The students already know that shadows are formed when an object blocks the light therefore sending the light around the object creating a shadow.

Social Studies
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This week we learn about some of the Presidents from the past.  We honor George Washington as our founding Father and Abraham Lincoln for his honesty and actions toward all mankind.



*Thanks to google images for the free clip art.