This Week In 2A

Religion - Students are rehearsing this week for the Christmas Pageant which is on Friday, December 14th at 10:15 am in the auditorium.

ELA - We are reading Flat Stanley's Christmas Adventure this week and next week.  All spelling, vocabulary and phonics words will be from this book.  Students will be answer story comprehension questions and will have a vocabulary test next week.

Math - We will be working on a STEM project this week, Building Bridges.  Students will be in groups designing, taking notes, and building either a suspension or beam bridge using Legos.  Each group will have to write a persuasive speech convincing the town/city council where and why they want to build a bridge somewhere in our community.  Each group member will have their own job based on the talents they feel they have.

Social Studies - Students are completing their landform dioramas in class.

Science - Part of our science lessons will also include the STEM project, Building Bridges and how temperature changes help you decide what materials to use to build your bridge.