Spelling and Vocabulary Words

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Our Spelling Words for this week are homophones.
They are:  hole, whole, its, it's, hear, here, won, one, our, hour, their, there, fur, fir, road rode, peace, piece

Our Vocabulary Words are:

p.426 Tops and Bottoms

1. risky: dangerous, taking a chance (adj)

2. grunted: make a short, low sound in the back of the throat (v)

3. profit: the amount of money after the cost of doing business is subtracted from the amount of money earned (n)

4. crops: plants that are grown for food (n)

5. plucked: picked (v)

6. scowled: make an angry facial expression (v)

7. tugged: pulling strongly (v)

8. hollered: yelled (v)