Spelling and Vocabulary Words

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Our Vocabulary Words are:

p. 279      The Harvest Birds

1. harvest: the ripe crops that are gathered (n)

2. separate: to divide into groups (v)

3. ashamed: feeling guilty, sorry, or embarrassed (v)

4. borders: the edges of a place ( n)

5. advice: ideas or suggestions about what someone should do (v)

6. borrow: to use something that someone else owns and return it later (v)

7. patch: a small piece of land (n)

8. serious: not joking or fooling around (adj) Our Spelling Words contain unexpected consonant sounds. They are: itch, wreck, knee, patch, wrap, knot, watch, knife, stretch, write, knew, knock, match, wrong, know, catch, wrinkle, knuckle

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Our Vocabulary Words for this week :

p. 243   What do Illustrators Do?

1. imagine: to form a mental picture or idea (verb)

2. tools: a device such as a hammer (noun)

3. illustrate: to draw (verb)

4. scribbles: careless writing (verb)

5. sketches: rough drawing (noun)

6. tracing: used to copy or trace lines (adj)

7. research: careful study of a subject or problem (noun)

8. textures: the way that surfaces look and feel (noun)