Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Spelling Words
Vowel Diphthongs ow, ou
1. cow 7. found
2. house 8. loud
3. town 9. brown
4. shout 10. ground
5. down 11. pound
6. mouse 12. flower

Vocabulary Words
task- a small job to do
glimmering- shining and sparking
served- carried in and placed before people
content- satisfied
worn- having the look of being used over and over again
overjoyed- very happy
concealed- hidden; out of sight
valuable- worth a lot of money

High Frequency Words Our weekly high frequency words should be practiced with your child at home. These words are added to our word wall for students to use in their daily language and writing. above, enough, falling, happened, lived, loved, should, sorry, want, while