Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Spelling Words
Pattern- Consonant Blends with r, l, s
1. spin
2. clap
3. grade
4. swim
5. place
6. last
7. test
8. skin
9. drag
10. glide
11. just
12. stage

Vocabulary Words
noises- sounds
wonderful- great
sprinkled- scattered or shook small amounts
noticed- was aware of, saw
suddenly- quickly
bursting- full of
quiet- calm, not noisy
share- divide up

Social Studies Vocabulary
*Test Thursday October 25, 2018
1.Family - a group of people who live together and experience the world together.
2. Community - a place where people live, work, and play together.
3. Respect - being kind and fair to others.
4. Responsible - you take care of important things.
5. Extended family - includes more than parents and children.
6. Generation - people born and living about the same time.
7. Guardian - a person who legally has the care of a person or the property of another.
8. Immigrant - a person who moves from one country to another.
9. Citizen - a person who belongs to a country.
10.Tradition - something that is passed down over time.