The Kindergarten Program at St. Mary School provides a nurturing, caring environment for your youngster to grow and learn.  The children will be taught in the academic areas of ELA, religion, math, science, social studies and technology instruction.  Your child will be immersed in a fun-filled age appropriate setting, incorporating technology and socialization activities throughout the school day. 


The following will be provided by the school:

2 primary notebooks (Please replace as needed for a fee of $1.50)

1 Saint Mary School Folder (Please replace as needed for a fee of $1.50)

Writing paper

Beginner Pencils 

Snack/ Lunch:

The children will have snack each day, including days of early dismissal.  Please be sure your child brings a facecloth to use as a placemat.  Each child will receive a Ziploc bag in which to carry any monies brought to school. Hot pretzels can be pre-ordered for snack through their lunch baggie.  Coupons may be purchased through the lunch program for ease of ordering. Milk may be ordered for the year for lunch time.  Please see information for the St. Mary School Lunch Program. 



Your child may bring one small inexpensive toy for recess.  Please make sure it will fit easily into his or her back pack. We are not responsible for lost or broken toys.


Homework will be given to the students throughout the year.  This will begin in October. Please check your child's folder daily for class notes and assignments.  You may also check the school website for assignments. 

Classroom Supplies:

Classroom supplies are kept in the classroom and shared among all the students.  We will ask for supplies to be replenished as needed.  On the first day of school each child needs the following items labeled with his or her name.


Lunchbox, placemat (small face cloth), snack and drink

1 roll of paper towel, 1 box tissues, 1 package of wipes

8 glue sticks

4 boxes of crayons two large, two skinny (Crayola Crayons preferred)

1 pair of child scissors, 1 pair of earbuds  for use with iPad  in a Ziploc bag labeled with student's name



Text Books:

Text books come from BOCES.  Please cover all workbooks with clear contact paper and label them with your child’s name.  Textbooks may be brought to school, two per day, during the first week of school.   They will be housed in the classroom

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