1st Grade

First Grade Newsletter
June 2019

Where has first grade gone? The school year has moved quickly, and the students have grown in leaps and bounds. We are very pleased with the progress the children have made this year! This final month of school will be busy and full of fun activities.

In ELA, we will be reviewing all phonics, grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. We will continue to read daily for fluency and understanding.,  Students will review past spelling and high frequency words. In Grammar, our concepts will focus on parts of speech, writing complete sentences, and expressing our ideas clearly. We will focus on the summer months ahead and make connections in our writing. Students will be cumulatively assessed.

In math, we will continue to add and subtract with regrouping of two digit numbers. We will touch on concepts of time and money. It is important that students continue practicing their addition and subtraction facts at home. These are skills that should be mastered by the time they begin 2nd grade.

It has been a wonderful year teaching your children!  We enjoyed each day with the students as we watched them learn and develop.. They have grown physically, academically, and emotionally since September. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to help them on their academic journey. Thank you for all the support you have shown throughout the year. Their success is thanks to you and your support. Have a wonderful summer! We will see you in September!


Mrs. Filiberto and Mrs. Vinciguerra

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