Mrs. Deborah Vinciguerra

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Our Schedule
Tuesday-Technology and Spanish
Wednesday- Art
Thursday-Music and Skills
Friday- Physical Education(Gym)

Coat Drive begins Today
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No Red folders this week!


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This week in math, we will complete Chapter 2 and begin Chapter 3. Chapter 3 is simple subtraction problem solving.  The new word this week is "difference", which is the answer to a subtraction problem.  


doubles plus 1
break apart


Tuesday will be our Chapter 2 test. We will read all questions to the children as they take the test.  They will also be given manipulatives if they need them to solve basic addition equations.

 We will continue to review math concepts; addition, subtraction, and signs. 

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This week in Journeys, we will begin Unit 1, Lesson 4.  We will read the story "Lucia's Neighborhood". The Phonics focus this week will be the beginning and middle sound of short /e/and consonants y, w, k, v, j. and phonogram -et. Our grammar focus this week will be on adjectives. Comprehension this week is text and graphic features.  This week our writing will focus on learning how to write a narrative story.  We will do this together as a class. We continue to try and understand that all sentences begin with an upper case letter and end with an end mark. We will be practicing all week. We will continue to decode and blend our one syllable words. Our essential question for this week is, "Who can you meet in a neighborhood?"

  We now are in a routine of decoding, blending, writing, and comprehension. 


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We will do a little pumpkin science this week.  We will be using our senses as we discover what is on the inside of a pumpkin, and how it looks and feels on the outside.  We will also talk about the life cycle of the pumpkin from Spring to Fall.

We will also continue our study of our new season Autumn. We will be taking a "Fall" walk and writing about what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in this season.
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Social Studies
We begin Social Studies with our first unit My School, My Community. Lesson One will teach
 us about being a good citizen as well as knowing our responsibilities in school and in our Community.

citizen leader
responsibility   government
right     governor
  vote     president
law   symbol

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  In chapter 2, the children will learn that God sent Jesus, his only son, to us. He was his greatest gift to us.  The children will also learn about the Holy Trinity, there are Three persons in One God.

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Students must bring a snack, lunch and  drinks for the school day , in a labeled lunch box. If you are purchasing lunch, please label the coupon with your child's name and be sure to circle the choice. Please put the coupon in your child's lunch bag and put the lunch bag in their folder.  If your child attends aftercare please send an extra snack labeled Aftercare.  
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Dismissal Procedures:
If your child attends aftercare regularly please write a note indicating the days he or she will attend. 
If there is a change in your dismissal procedure please send a note explaining how he or she will get home. 
 ex : car rider/ school bus

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All supplies of crayons , tissues and baby wipes are community property and will need to be replenished during the school year.  

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Remember to pray with your child everyday.  We pray in class for our family and friends.  I encourage you to attend mass with your child on Sunday.