2nd Grade

June 2019

Grade 2 Parent Newsletter

“May God help us be strong in our faith. May God bless us with Peace.”

Psalm 29:11

Religion: We will end the school year learning about God’s personal invitation to each of us through scripture, our responsibility to spread the Gospel message to others, and explore the importance of prayer in strengthening our relationship with God. Students will learn about responding to God’s call to love and serve him.

ELA: Students will explore what we can learn from reading traditional tales.  Foundational skills that we will focus on are “ow”, “ou” and reading longer words with long vowels “a” and “i” as well as vowel diphthongs “oi”, and “oy”. Reading comprehension skills include comparing and contrasting two stories and understanding characters point of view.  Students will complete opinion writing pieces and grammar will focus on possessive nouns and pronouns.

Math:   In June, we will begin our Money and Time Unit.  Students will identify the name and value of coins and bills.  Students will learn to read clocks to tell time to the nearest five minutes.  They will learn concepts of A.M. and P.M. They will use their understanding of addition and subtraction to solve problems involving money and time.

Science:  Students will conclude their butterfly study and observations and will release our butterflies to continue their life cycle.  We will begin studying about animal habitats. Children will identify habitats and learn about living things in land and water habitats.

Social Studies:   We will begin Chapter 6, Our American Culture.  In this chapter, students will understand how culture is passed down through generations.  They will learn that many different cultures are shared in the United States. We will also share American stories that are important to our culture.

Health:   Students will learn safety tips for using the Internet in their free time this summer.  They will learn how to make sure a website is safe, what to do if a stranger contacts them, and what personal information should not be shared.

Continue to read throughout the summer months and enjoy your time off from school! See you in September!


Mrs. Santoro and Miss O’Hara

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