2nd Grade

Parent Newsletter
Grade Two

October 2018

Grade 2 Parent Newsletter

“Blessed are you who fear the LORD, who walk in his ways!”

Psalm 128:1

Religion:  Students will learn about how we celebrate God’s love.   They will discover that we are Catholics when we are baptized as members of the Catholic Church.  We celebrate God’s love by praying and worshiping as a Church community. Students will learn the seven sacraments and how they help us to live as friends of Jesus.  

ELA:  Our focus this month in spelling and phonics are vowels o, u, e, long vowels a, i and consonant vowel consonant pattern in words and sounds for c.  Grammar lessons will include simple sentences and types of sentences.  Reading comprehension skills and strategies that we will be learning are compare and contrast, author’s purpose, and using questioning strategies and analyzing and evaluating stories.  We will begin narrative writing with a friendly letter and using sentences that describe.

Mathematics:  After assessing Chapter 1 - Addition Within 20, We will begin Chapter 2 - Subtraction Within 20.  Students will use a multitude of strategies to subtract such as subtracting to find the missing part, taking groups apart to subtract, using subtraction to compare, and counting on to find the difference.  Then, children will be assessed on Chapter 2.

Science/Health:  Students will begin learning about the skeletal system in time for Halloween.  Students will be building their own paper skeleton and placing the bones in the correct order.  They will also be completing exciting Fall STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) projects in class.

Social Studies:  We are continuing our study on Family History in Chapter 1.  Students will be comparing and contrasting families from our ancestors time to today.  Students will be asked to gather information for a family tree going back to their grandparents.  We will complete the project in class.

Students will be taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) the weeks of October 14th and October 21st.  


Mrs. Santoro and Miss O’Hara

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