Useful Links

Children Friendly Search Engines:

Presidential Websites for Kids

If You were President

How would you run the country if you were president?



Here are some useful links that students may enjoy:

A plus math 

 Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication, Division Practice 
Students can practice basic facts

 Bens guide to government 
The children will learn about the election process. The students can play vocabulary and map skill games.

 Castle Learning 
An online review, testing,and assessment tool

 Continents and Oceans 
Students will identify and label the seven continents and four oceans.

Great for looking up definitions and pronunciation of words.

 Fun Brain 

A great way to study multiplication

 Rocks for Kids 
A great website for students to learn about rocks and minerals

 the whitehouse for kids 
Click on meet the presidents. You can find facts about the different presidents of the United States.