4th Grade

Fourth Grade December Newsletter

Religion: As we celebrate the season of Advent, we learn that Jesus is the light of the world. Students will read, pray, and participate in Advent activities throughout this month. We will understand that Advent is a time of waiting and preparing. Students will learn about the Advent wreath, the Jesse tree, and other Advent customs.

English Language Arts: We will continue working on our second unit, The Arts. Vocabulary and grammar skills will be developed in all lessons throughout the curriculum areas.

Math: We will be completing chapter 6: Multiplication by 2 digit numbers and begin Chapter 7: Division concepts, where students will use multiple strategies to find quotients. Please have your child review their multiplication facts on a regular basis, for fluency.

Science: Students will be completing chapter 3 in the science textbook. This chapter focuses on how waves carry both energy and information, and the electromagnetic spectrum. The students will conduct several experiments in order to determine how waves carry energy, how waves move, and how light is reflected.

Social Studies: The fourth grade students will complete our unit on the primary stages of American history, and begin chapter 3 on Government in the United States. The students will learn about the principles of government, how our government works, and the importance of citizenship.







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