Useful Links

Math Websites:
Many of these websites have games that can be used for student's daily math log.
*Please only use games that involve computation for your math log.

A great resource, but it only allows you to practice up to 10 facts a day. 

Math Playground

Cool Math


 Castle Learning 

"Castle Learning is an online resource for students and parents. It provides students with the ability to practice activities at home and provides parents with the ability to view their child's progress in these activities and help guide them to academic success. Each student in my class has a username and password. I encourage both students and parents to use this valuable resource."

Chemistry for Kids 

Fun science site 

NASA Student Activities Grades 5- 8 
Fun and games, spotlight NASA news, stuff you can do, a NASA dictionary and much more for students.

Science Fair Resources

Very detailed help on how to do research, experiment, analyze data,reach conclusions, create your display, and survive the judging. Many of these topics include a self-quiz that helps you fix the weak spots in your project before the judges see it.​
Defines the essential features of a scientific experiment: independent, dependent, and controlled variables, and how to create a hypothesis.


Provides free math and science worksheets and games'

Sadlier Math