5th Grade

Fifth Grade Parent Newsletter

     Fifth Grade Newsletter October 2018

We are off to an excellent start this school year.

Students will be sitting for the Iowa Test of Basic Skills starting the week of October 14th.

Further information will be sent home.  Please check the St. Mary School website daily for important announcements and for homework assignments.

Religion:  This month we will pray the rosary every afternoon in honor of our Blessed Mother Mary.  The students will research and study different saints. We will also discuss the Beatitudes and be reminded of how they teach us to be closer to Jesus.

Math:  During the month of October, we will cover a number of skills and concepts. We will continue to deepen our understanding of place value, and students will use a variety of strategies for adding and subtracting decimals.

ELA:  The students will begin the novel Esperanza Rising: The book describes the universal declaration of human rights.  Students will continue the study of writing styles and grammar. Also we will continue to work on developing a more sophisticated vocabulary. The biography book report is due on October 12th.

Social Studies:  During the month of October, we will wrap up our study of the US Constitution and begin to understand the simple and complex issues that led people to leave their homelands and come to the new world of America making it the diverse country it is today.

Science:  During the month of October, we will continue to explore matter and discover the different states and changes of matter. Lab experiences will support and enhance concepts discussed in class.

Health: During October students will focus on fire and electrical safety. We will

complete an exploration of the effects of physical activity on the heart rate.


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