6th Grade

Sixth Grade Parent Newsletter

December 2018  

Grade 6

Parent Newsletter

RELIGION:  During the month of December, we will learn about the Israelites, who are our ancestors in faith. The biblical stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph will be discussed. In addition, we will focus on Advent, our season of waiting and preparing for Christ’s birth.

MATH 6-1: During the month of December, we will be finishing up Chapter 2: Expressions and Equations. We will be solving two step equations. Once tested students will begin to move on to Chapter 3: Inequalities. Students will have homework questions from their textbook,  workbook,and/or worksheets. Quizzes will be given throughout each chapter, and a test will be given at the conclusion of each chapter. .

MATH 6-2: During the month of December, we will be working on Chapter 3: Division Operations and Expressions. Students will be dividing whole numbers and decimals as well as, writing and evaluating division expressions. Students may have quizzes throughout the chapter and a test at the conclusion of each chapter. Please make sure multiplication and division skills are reinforced at home on a daily basis.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: During the month of December, we will continue to work with our Journeys reader, as well as our study of grammar and writing. Our targeted skills will include story structure, alliteration, style, and tone .  We will also continue to focus on the writing process: drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.

SOCIAL STUDIES: During the month of December,  we will begin our study of Ancient Egypt and Kush. The students will learn about Egypt under the rule of the pharaohs, the achievements of the early Egyptian civilization, as well as the region of Kush which lies south of Egypt.

SCIENCE:  During the month of December, we will be working on Chapter 3: Energy. Students will discuss various types of energy, how each type is used, as well as construct a simple machines. Our lab experiences will also demonstrate similar ideas.

SPANISH: Diciembre is a very short month and with a lot of activities. In Spanish, nouns have gender: feminine & masculine. We’ll work on definite articles. Feliz Navidad & Venturoso 2019 !.

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