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Seventh and Eighth Grade Parent Newsletter

November Newsletter

Grades Seven & Eight


Grade 7:  
The seventh grade religion classes will begin to reflect on God’s personal invitation to us through Scripture. They will come to understand that the Gospels are the center of the Bible because they record the truth of the life and ministries of Jesus.  During this month of giving thanks, we will also focus on those in our communities who have to get by with less and how we can assist in easing their struggle.

Grade 8:  

The eighth grade religion classes will continue their study of the Holy Spirit by discussing the Holy Trinity.   They will examine their understanding of the Trinity and will focus on the importance of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus. In addition, students will develop ways to carry out the apostolic mission of the Church in today’s world.  


Grade 7:  Students will continue to work on the colonization of the New World. Our focus this month will be on the colony of New York and how Native Americans and slaves were affected by the growth of the nation.  

Grade 8: Eighth grade students will examine how Progressive Era reformers sought to address political and social issues at the local, state, and federal levels of government between 1890 and 1920.



Students taking Math 7 will be studying ratios and proportional relationships during the month of November.  Classes will focus on computing unit rates associated with ratios of fractions and lengths, areas and other quantities measured in like or different units.   Students will also decide whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship and identify the proportionality in tables, graphs, equations and diagrams. The students will also be starting a project using Hot Wheels cars.  
MATH 8: During the month of November, the students will learn all about transformations.  The classes will focus on the three transformations that involve a change in the position of a figure.  These transformations are: translations, reflections, and rotations. We will also learn about dilations, which are a change in the size of a figure.  This will all tie into the concept of congruence.

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MATH Algebra 1: Students taking Algebra I will be studying factoring.  Students will see that factoring is the reverse of distributing. They will factor the difference between two squares and quadratic trinomials. The next major concept to be covered will be in the area of statistics. The students will develop a set of tools for understanding and interpreting variability in data, and begin to make more informed decisions from data.   As they graph, they will be asked to reason abstractly and quantitatively while they choose and interpret units to solve problems related to the graphs they create.


Grade 7:

Students in grade 7  will continue to develop strategies to read closely.  Through the use of short story, students will develop the craft and structure skills of character and point of view.  Vocabulary lessons will continue with emphasis on homographs. Our study of adjectives will begin.

Just a reminder, all students should be reading outside books for book talk assignments. Book talk presentations begin the week of November 13th.

Grade 8:

Now that the Catholic High School Entrance Exam is behind us, students will continue to strengthen their comprehension through inferencing and looking at the plot through different points of view..  Vocabulary lessons will continue with an emphasis on root words. Our grammar study will continue with intensive and reflexive pronouns. Just a reminder, all students should be reading an outside reading book for the first book talk  presentations beginning November 14th.


Grade 7:  

En Noviembre, students will learn about where things are located and describe someone’s location. We will also study the plural of nouns and articles as well as explore the cultural readings of the chapter. Hopefully, we’ll start reading descriptions of meals and menus and talk and write about foods they and others like and dislike.

“ Felíz día de Acción de Gracias”.

Grade 8:

During Noviembre, the students will read descriptions of meals and menus. Also, talk and write about food they and others like and dislike.

Vocabulary of food and beverages for breakfast and lunch, besides expressions of frequency will be presented. In grammar they’ll be introduced to the present tense of -er and -ir verbs.

“Feliz día de Acción de Gracias”


Grade 7 Life Science:  

In science we will continue our study of cells.  Students will learn the different organelles and the functions of each as well as the major differences between plant and animal cells.  Lab experiences will support these lessons.

Grade 8 Earth Science:

As the month begins, science classes will begin their study the Earth’s minerals and rocks. Students will discuss the rock cycle and its continuing impact upon the changing surface of the Earth. This will lead into our study of earthquakes and volcanoes throughout the world.  Lab experiences will support these lessons.

Regents Earth Science: During the month of November, the Regents Earth Science students will study minerals and rocks.  Laboratory investigations will include analyzing physical and chemical properties of minerals as well.  To be successful in this course, a daily review of concepts is strongly recommended.

Thank you,

The Teachers of Grades Seven and Eight.

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