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Grades Seven & Eight


Grade 7:  During the month of December, we focus on the season of Advent and how to prepare for the coming of the Lord.  In addition, we will begin to develop a more personal relationship with God through reflections which will help to prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus’ second coming.

Grade 8:  The eighth grade class discussions will focus on “worship” and incorporate the liturgical season of Advent into activities.  Meditations that reflect on the journey of Mary and Joseph will be included in our study. Students will respond to these readings in a personal Advent Journal.


Grade 7:  Students will examine the growing tensions over political power and economic issues that sparked a movement for independence from Great Britain.   

Grade 8: Eighth grade students will begin their study of  Expansion and Imperialism and how the during the second half of the 19th century, economic, political, and cultural factors contributed to a push for westward expansion and more aggressive United States foreign policy.


MATH 7: Students taking Math 7 will continue to study ratios and proportional relationships during the month of December.  Students will be working on their Hot Wheels Project. Classes will continue to focus on computing unit rates associated with ratios of fractions, including ratios of lengths, areas and other quantities measured in like or different units. Students will also celebrate the season by completing some math Christmas activities.

MATH 8: During the month of December, the students will continue their study of transformations.  Classes will focus on translations, reflections, rotations and dilations. The class will complete a graphing project  to reinforce the concepts related to transformations. Students will also celebrate the season by completing some math Christmas activities.

mATH Algebra 1: Students taking Algebra I will begin their study of descriptive statistics. Statistics is a problem-solving process consisting of formulating questions that can be answered with data.  This process includes designing and implementing a plan to collect relevant bias-free data, analyzing the data, and interpreting the results in the context of the original question. Topics of study include graphs and data distribution, properties of distribution, and bivariate data, including residuals.


Grade 7: Students in grade 7 will begin to read the novel, A Long Walk to Water written by Linda Sue Park. This story chronicles the lives of two young people who come from opposing tribes in South Sudan. The setting of this book is in the early 2000s during the civil war. Vocabulary lessons will continue with emphasis on homographs. Our study of adjectives and adverbs will continue.

Grade 8: We will begin our first class novel, Inside Out and Back Again written by Thanhha Lai.  This is a story of a young girl whose family has to decide whether to flee Vietnam during the fall of Saigon. We will conclude our study of pronouns, both personal and possessive. As well we will continue our study of vocabulary with a focus on root words.  


Grade 7 Life Science:

In science, we will complete our study of cells and cell processes.  By mid month, we will begin our study of genetics, the science of heredity.  Topics will include the work of Gregor Mendel, Punnett Squares, DNA structure and replication.  Lab experiences will support these lessons.

Grade 8 Earth Science:

As the month begins, science classes will continue their study of the Earth’s surface.  By mid-month, students will study the Earth’s minerals and rocks. Students will discuss the rock cycle and its continuing impact upon the changing surface of the Earth. This will lead into our study of earthquakes and volcanoes throughout the world.   Lab experiences will support these lessons.

Regents Earth Science: During the month of December, the Regents Earth Science students will conclude their study of minerals and rocks. By mid month we will begin our study of the dynamic earth. Laboratory investigations will include analyzing physical and chemical properties of metamorphic rocks and seismic waves and earthquakes.  To be successful in this course, a daily review of concepts is strongly recommended.


Grade 7:  During Diciembre, we will continue with descriptions of meals and menus; we will Talk and write about foods They and others like and dislike. Deseo a todos una ”Felíz Navidad y un Próspero Año Nuevo 2019.”

Grade 8: En Diciembre, the students  will finish talking and writing about food and meals. We’ll start cultural

Presentations  as our project for the second trimester. I wish una “Felíz Navidad y un Venturoso año 2019.”

Joy to the world...our savior is born!  

Have a very Blessed Christmas!

The Teachers of Grades Seven and Eight.

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