Special Classes




AIS:  This month students will continue to work diligently in the Horizons program. First graders will continue to practice listening and following directions.  We will work on comprehension skills as well as letter identification.  We will also work to increase phonemic awareness. Students in grades two and three will learn new blends and combinations.  We will continue to develop decoding and reading comprehension skills.

ART: Students in Nursery through 8th grade completed their Square1Art Fundraiser projects.  Students are learning about the elements and principles of art as they use color, line, shape, pattern, and contrast.  Catalogues will be distributed in November to order memorable keepsakes of the students’ artwork! 

MEDIA:  The students in grades Nursery through grade 2 will be exploring the month of October through literature and songs. We will explore the world of Pete the Cat! We will hunt through our haunted books as we get ready for Halloween!  Students in grades 3-5 will use their chrome books for research activities related to assignments in class.

MUSIC: Early childhood students will learn how to read a listening map to the Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens, a fitting piece for Halloween. Students in grades 4th and 5th will start working with recorders again. The middle school students will explore various music genres from classical and jazz to hip-hop and rock.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  The students in grades one through eight have completed a soccer unit, in which they learned skills, participated in team games, and other soccer related activities such as line soccer and four goal soccer. The students will now begin an ultimate frisbee unit, that will work on their ability to throw and catch a frisbee while working cooperatively with their teammates to score a goal. The students in grades nursery through kindergarden have been working on locomotor movements, as well as tag games. The students will continue to expand their locomotor abilities and learn new tag games that encourage each other to play by the rules and play fairly. As Halloween approaches the students will play a Halloween themed game called the haunted house in which they will be trying to retrieve a piece of candy from a haunted house without the owners of the house tagging them.

SPANISH: Students in Fifth grade will work on “La comida” and will try to create a menu. Fourth grade will work on “Los números”. Third grade will learn “Greetings and expressions of courtesy”. Second graders will review the Spanish alphabet and the numbers 1 – 20 reinforcing how to write them. Finally, First grade will learn how to write the Spanish alphabet.

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