School Messenger Information

We use School Messenger to send messages by phone, email, and text.  In order to do this, accurate information is needed in our database, PowerSchool.  Any changes to your information will take at least 1 to 2 school days to be updated.

Phone:  Messages will go to all home phones and cell phones.  If you phone number is disconnected, changed, etc. please contact our school so we may update your records.  

Email:  Messages will only go to the home email addresses.  If you have a work email, the message will not go to it.  However, if you only have a work email and no home email address, we can put the work email address in the home email section.  Please let us know.

Text:  Messages will go to your cell phone if you opt in.  However, please see IMPORTANT as there are several issues concerning cell phone carriers.

To Opt In:  text the word Yes to 68453

To Opt Out:  text the word Stop to 68453

Note:  Text Messages won’t be received if your number is not in our database.