Comprehensive Attendance Policy

Under New York State regulations all absences, lateness, and time lost by a pupil excused for part of the day, must be recorded and explained.  A student is not considered present unless he/she is present for at least one instructional period.  A WRITTEN EXCUSE, stating the reason for the absence, and signed by the parent, must accompany a student on the day of his/her return to school.  New York State requires that the absentee notes by kept on record.  A consecutive absence of five (5) days, a doctor's note is required.  

Dental and doctor appointments are considered illegal absences.  Such appointments should be made after school hours except in case of an emergency.  

When it is NECESSARY for a student to be excused BEFORE the dismissal bell, a note of excuse stating the specific time of departure is required.  A parent must meet the student at the Main Office and sign him/her out.  Should there be a change from your child's regular dismissal procedure, a WRITTEN note is required each time a change is made.  No verbal communication from the child will be accepted.  

​PARENTS OF STUDENTS IN GRADES K-8 ARE REQUIRED TO CONTACT THE SCHOOL NURSE AT (631)581-3423 x 140 BY 8:30 AM OF EACH DAY HIS/HER CHILD IS ABSENT FROM SCHOOL.  Calling the school nurse does not take the place of an absent note on the day the student returns to school.  

​Please note:  Students cannot attend or participate in any after-school activities or scheduled events if they are absent from school that day.